Customer service charter

Like most businesses, we know that our success lies in delivering excellent service to you, our customer. Our customer service charter sets out our commitment to provide you, our customer, with the service you can expect.

 Who we are and what we do

 We are a “not for profit” organisation that has the needs of our residents at the forefront of everything we do. We provide quality, value for money housing and support services to international post graduate students and their families. We are a “registered provider” and are regulated by the Government’s Homes and Communities Agency.

 Our Customer Service Principles


  • We will respond promptly to your enquiries through our phone and web service
  • We aim to respond to phone enquiries and emails within one working day – and mail correspondence within 10 working days
  • We will provide accurate and up to date information, when you need it

Quality service

  • We have extensive experience of the issues that affect international students and their families studying in London
  • We aim to tailor our response to your needs
  • We aim to provide good quality, value for money homes and services and enrich your stay in London
  • You will receive the same excellent service standard if you receive services from one of our contractors


  • We have systems in place to ensure that we protect your confidential information
  • Zebra recognises its responsibility and is committed to a policy of preserving the confidentiality of data as required by the Data Protection Act 1998


  • We are open and transparent about our processes
  • We aim to provide consistent and clear information across our communication channels but particularly through our website
  • Our staff and Board must disclose conflicts of interest
  • We will give you access to your personal information if you request it.


  • Our dealings with you will be conducted with respect, integrity and honesty
  • Our staff will focus on providing you with a friendly and responsive service tailored to your individual needs as far as possible
  • Every customer is treated equally.

 If you use our web services you can expect:

  • To contact us when and where it is convenient for you
  • The website to be easy to use, with easy navigations and customised content so you can quickly find what you need
  • If you sign up to receive our information, to always have the option to unsubscribe.

If you call at our offices or ring us you can expect:

  • To be able to contact us between 9.30am and 5.00pm on normal working days (10.00am and 5.00pm on Fridays)
  • Our staff to answer our phones or see you in person as soon as possible.

If you have an emergency out of normal working hours:

  • You will have access to a local warden
  • You will have access to an emergency repairs service
  • Depending upon the nature of the emergency we will respond appropriately. This could mean an immediate response or it could mean waiting until the next working day.

To allow us to help, we expect you to:

  • Give us information that is timely, accurate and complete
  • Take the time to understand your tenancy obligations and aim to fulfil them
  • Treat our staff politely and respectfully
  • Provide us with honest, constructive feedback on our services
  • Contact us if you believe we have made an error or acted inappropriately, and wish to make a complaint.

Feedback – compliments, complaints, suggestions

We welcome all constructive feedback because it helps to improve our service. And if we’ve done something wrong then we want to put it right and learn from the experience.

We carry out regular telephone surveys to ensure that our maintenance and cleaning services are meeting your needs. We carry out a major survey of residents’ views every two years and all residents are invited to participate. Our Board of management receives regular reports on resident feedback.


All customers have the right to raise concerns and make legitimate complaints and expect that the issues raised will be handled in a fair, confidential and responsive manner, free from repercussion or prejudice. If you wish to raise a formal complaint please ask for a copy of our complaints procedure or just go to our website where what to do is clearly explained.