June 5, 2015


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June 5, 2015

Art That’s Literally Shocking: Ben Woodeson Electrocutes Us

The shock factor has been a part of the art landscape for some time now, ranging from asoiled bed to paintings made of dead flies. But this is the first time we’ve actually been electrocuted by a work of art.

A set of panels for visitors to walk over are inspired by Carl Andre, who courted controversy with a set of bricks people could walk across. But there is a key difference here and should you reach down and place a finger each on two alternative panels, then you will receive a pulse of 2,000 volts — it’s not enough to cause any physical harm but we definitely felt the kick.

It aligns with the theme of this solo show, where materials and objects are made to behave in ways we would not expect them to. A pane of glass looks like it has sliced apart a table and 99 billiard balls in a receptacle are precariously balanced on a slender glass rod.

Sheet metal is folded over as if it’s about to fall and downstairs the gallery is bathed in a red glow from contorted neon lights. These explorations of materials are playful, resulting in a fun and enjoyable exhibition.

Ben Woodeson is at Berloni, 63 Margaret Street, W1W 8SW until 1 August. The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday and entrance is free.

June 5, 2015

Free Films In Hyde Park This Summer

While the British Summer Time festival will see revelling to the sounds of acts such as Blur and The Who come to Hyde Park, weekdays in the central London sanctuary will be decidedly less raucous.

Over five themed weeknights, 10 films will be screened for free. Pick from classics such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s or the more recent and hilarious Bridesmaids. The 80s blockbusters evening brings Ghostbusters and Top Gun, while the Wizard of Oz and Pride will be screened as a warm-up to London Pride weekend.

There’s no need to reserve tickets, but places are on a first-come, first-served basis, so arrive in plenty of time — and bring a picnic blanket.


The Film Festival runs weekdays 19-25 June, with screenings at 6pm and 8.30pm. See full programme.

June 5, 2015


We need to remind residents in our buildings of how we expect them you to deal with your rubbish and recycling.

Many of our bin areas are in basement areas adjacent to flats. It is important that you all make the effort to keep these areas tidy. Rubbish should be placed in bins in bags, and the lids of the bins put back.

The only materials that should be placed in the recycling bins are paper, cardboard, aluminium and glass (which should be cleaned). If you have food recycling bins at your building, food waste must be in biodegradable bags, not in plastic bags or loose.

Thanks for your co-operation.