July 23, 2015

Crazy Colourful Sculpture By Joana Vasconcelos

We're fast becoming huge fans of Joana Vasconcelos's work. She stars in the current Venice Biennale as well as the last one — with a glowing garden of flowers and a magical undersea world on a boat, respectively. She's recently had a successful exhibition in Manchester, and now us Londoners get a chance to see her work. This exhibition is on display in Phillips auction house in their grand new building on Berkeley Square.

Expectations are set as we enter the show with a soundtrack of cheesy classics by the likes of Madonna, Queen and Springsteen. Visitors have to walk under a convoluted chandelier that looks haphazardly pulled together with lots of mismatched swatches of fabric, before coming face to face with what can only be described as a giant wasp wrapped in a doily.

The fun doesn't stop there with a large tentacled creature emerging from a mirror and the front gallery dominated by a massive pink sculpture that looks like a parade balloon decorated with fairy lights. The works are completely over the top and brought a smile to our face.

Downstairs are smaller works that are just as bizarre, with more creatures wrapped in crochet and more mirrored pieces, some hanging on a deep pink wall that ensures the colour overdose continues.

This show is colourful, playful, unabashedly feminine and tonnes of fun.

Joana Vasconcelos: Material World is on at Phillips, 30 Berkeley Square, W1J 5BF until 28 August. Entrance is free and it's open Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm. 

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July 23, 2015


Hampton Court – Daytrip 12 September 2015

We’ve still a few places left for the Hampton Court Daytrip leaving Jerome House at 9am. £16 Adults Free for Children.


Bend it like Beckham – Theatre

And we have a limited number of tickets for the hit play ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ at the Phoenix Theatre on Wednesday 12 August 2015. Ticket price is £16.

For more information and booking for either event contact housing@zebrahousing.com


Miss Saigon

We are booking tickets – watch the blog for so you can get your tickets when they are available.

July 23, 2015

Wireless broadband for every resident

We’re now preparing to install wireless broadband in all our residences. It should be available (but only if you opt into the service) at a cost of £16.20 per month and you will not need a landline so that’s the total cost.  We are using the same supplier as we use at Anson/Carleton and we are hoping to start work on installation in October.

As we’ve already said it will be available at first only to those who actually want to opt into the service. However in the long term (as old residents leave and new residents arrive) we want to make it part of the overall parcel of services we provide.

We’ll keep you updated with the progress of this and let you know the precise process for opting into the service when we have further details.

July 20, 2015

Super Quick Anchovy Pasta

Hi everyone, I hope you’re looking forward to the weekend!  I’m not ashamed to say that this recipe is stolen in it’s entirety from a chef called Bart Van Olphen.  This really doesn’t take more than fifteen minutes to cook from start to finish, and would be lovely with a big handful of salad on the side, perfect for a quick summer lunch!  If you prefer to watch the video you can do so here



500g linguine pasta

Olive oil


Freshly ground pepper

Two handfuls of almonds

Two tins of anchovy filets in olive oil

One handful of roughly chopped sage

A tablespoon of unsalted butter


1.      Cook your pasta in approximately 10 minutes in salted boiling water, add olive oil if you like to stop it sticking together.

2.      While the pasta is cooking, drain and chop the anchovies and prepare your salad.

3.      Start frying your almonds in olive oil until golden brown, add your butter and roughly chopped sage to the sauce. Infuse on low heat.

4.      Add approximately 5 table spoons of your pasta water to the sauce and let it reduce until half the water is left.

5.      Now add 2 chopped anchovy fillets to the sauce.

6.      Drain your pasta and add to the sauce, shaking and stirring well. By doing this the pasta sauce will spread its flavours on the linguine.

7.      Serve the pasta with some sage leaves and anchovy from the tin on top.

8.      Your anchovy pasta is ready!

Enjoy your weekend, until the sun returns, we can at least pretend it’s summer!  J