Carleton Road

J&K are complete with new residents due to move in next weekend. The landscaping is progressing well, too. It includes the construction of new bicycle storage, refuse facilities (for both Anson and Carleton), new side gate and hard standing for a maintenance van.

Everything should be completed by 13 November 2015.

We’ll be moving all the refuse bins over from Anson Road but we’ll give you lots of notice before we do so


The Right to Buy


There has been a lot of coverage recently in the media of the deal done by our trade body the National Housing Federation (NHF) with the Government in order to allow it to deliver its election commitment to extend the “Right to Buy” to Housing Association tenants. Very briefly tenants living in council housing already have the right to buy the home they live in from their landlord and the government wants to extend this to social housing tenants living in housing association properties.


The proposal that the NHF has made and has been accepted by the Government is that Housing Associations’ social housing tenants will have similar rights to those in council housing.


However these proposals do not include student housing and it was never the intention of government to give the right to buy to tenants of student housing.


Zebra Housing will not therefore be offering its properties for sale to its tenants.