December 6, 2015


Rich Mix in Shoreditch opens a new exhibition today, focusing on street artist David de Brito who is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but now lives and paints in London. Free, just turn up,until 1 January

December 6, 2015

Wireless broadband

The service works well at Anson and Carleton Roads. We have completed the cabling of Jerome House and are awaiting the installation of a fibre optic cable in December. As soon as that is working we’ll let you know what the arrangements are for accessing the new service.


We’ll start the cabling of our other in the New Year.

December 6, 2015

Anson & Carleton Rd

It’s finished. We just need to touch up some of the paintwork in the hallway.

December 6, 2015

Changes at Zebra

A big thank you to you all!


We made the change to the date on which we take your rent direct debits in December and it went very smoothly.