Wireless broadband

We’ve trialled the KeyCom wireless broadband service at Anson and Carleton Roads and it works well. We have completed the cabling of Jerome House and are awaiting the installation of a fibre optic cable. This was originally scheduled for December but we’ve been let down by the contractor and the council who have to carry out work to Glendower Place. We are awaiting a new installation date. As soon as the system is working we’ll let you know what the arrangements are for accessing the new service.


We’re completing the cabling of Sentosa this week and will then move on to Impala in the following week. We should start cabling at Jeannine in February. It is our aspiration that Wireless Broadband will be available to all residents from March/April 2016. Existing tenants will have to make an additional payment to us of £18 per month for the service and new tenants will automatically pay this in with their rent and have immediate access to the service.