March 31, 2016


Over 100 designers and artists pack Peckham's Bussey Buildingthis weekend, plus DJs and a full bar. Get to grips with skills such as marbling and jewellery making with the easy-to-follow workshops or just choose some treats from the work on display. Free (small charge for workshops), just turn up,11am-5pm 

March 31, 2016

Pablo Bronstein

Pablo Bronstein @ Tate Britain (26 April-9 October)
Known for his interest in pre-20th century European design and architecture, artist Pablo Bronstein will create a site-specific work in response to the imposing Duveen galleries which sit at the heart of Tate Britain. The work will consist of dancers moving through the baroque space and interacting with architectural elements. Free admission

March 31, 2016

This Is A Voice

This Is A Voice @ Wellcome Collection (14 April-31 July)
Ever wondered about the psychological and physiological origins of human voice? This unusual exhibition focuses on the emotions that resonate in the voice through rhythm, pitch and tone, as well as non-verbal forms of communication. On display is a series of works by artists and vocalists as well as medical illustrations and ethnographic objects. Free admission

March 24, 2016


CCTV monitoring and recording of entrance and basement areas of Jerome House is now fully operational. We are rolling this out to a number of our schemes where it is viable, and we are currently in the process of fitting out the system at Anson/Carleton. After this we will be looking at installation at Jeannine House.