March 11, 2016

Scoff It Like It’s Hot: Souvlaki

There’s a new trend in town, and it’s Greek. For years, Londoners have struggled to find decent Greek food but recently we've seen many new openings, particularly at the street food level, in the form of souvlaki. 

These grilled meat skewers are eaten everywhere in Greece, and we recently enjoyed scoffing some on the streets of Athens, where they’re consumed at all times of the day or night by anyone and everyone.

The name souvlaki comes from a medieval word meaning skewer. Soft pitta bread (completely different to the horrible hard flappy things we get here) is wrapped around the cooked meat (usually pork, chicken or lamb) with salads and sauces like the cooling, yoghurt-based tzatziki.


Suvlaki Soho: this central London souvlaki joint has just upped its game by hiring Michelin-starred Alfred Prasad as a consultant chef to partner with celeb chef Elias Mamalakis. We're not sure how Michelin stars and Greek street food are going to mix — only time will tell. There’s an option here to order three mini souvlaki wraps if you can’t decide between them, and the vegetarian version contains a Greek cheese called Mastelo (from Chios) rather than the usual halloumi, which is actually Cypriot. 

Suvlaki, 21 Bateman Street, W1D 3AL



March 11, 2016


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