News update

New laundry facilities

Circuit have now completed the upgrade of the Jerome Laundry, and it’s in use. This is the first laundry to be refitted and all others will follow.

The new system is cashless and you will be able to use a smartphone app to pay, control and follow the progress of your wash.


New security measures – CCTV

We completed the installation of CCTV at Jerome some months ago and are currently installing it at Anson and Carleton after some bicycle thefts. The Anson/Carleton installation should complete in the next 2-3 weeks.


Wireless broadband

The wireless broadband installation has now been completed although we are still awaiting the new fibre optic cable at Jerome. Hopefully it’s installation is imminent. We are on track to have the service available to all by mid-April. We hopes to start installing the hubs that are required to access the system to subscribers from week beginning 4 April.

Because this is a new service, existing tenants will have to pay an extra £18 per month for it, except at Anson and Carleton, where a charge is already added to their rent. Whilst £18 per month may seem a higher charge than some providers are making you won’t need a telephone line to receive it so in fact the package is very competitively priced for a fast fibre-optic service.

We will be emailing all residents next week to find out who would like to sign up to the new service.