Building works & recycling


We are still completing  minor roof repairs and replacement of two windows at the rear of Sentosa, and a few guttering repairs at the rear of Jeannine.

We expect to have the Scaffolding down in early February.

RUBBISH AND RECYCLING COLLECTIONS AT IMPALA HOUSE, NW1In the coming months, some major changes to the general waste and recycling collection service at Impala House will take effect.

Camden Council services have delivered a leaflet for all residents on this. Please read the literature carefully.

The main change is that rubbish and recycling will be collect every two weeks, not the weekly collection now in place.

This means that all residents will need to be careful about how and what they dispose of, so that our bin areas do not become untidy.

We will write to all residents nearer the time to remind you all of the new procedures.