July 3, 2019


Staff News

Sass Ezekiel, our finance consultant, left in June and David Morrow has replaced him as Finance Director. David knows Zebra well having, a number of years ago, been the Audit Director responsible for our external audit. More recently he has worked as FD at Soho Housing Association.

Board News

The Board meets in late July to approve our annual accounts and then again in September for its bi-annual strategy conference when we’ll look at our long-term finance plan and more general plans for the next 5-10 years.

Major Repairs

The replacement boiler scheme at Jerome House is progressing well and should complete in August/September. The old boilers are 30 years old and were located under the pavement at the front of the building. We’ve had to relocate the new boilers (and the laundry) to allow more efficient and environmentally sound fluing. The new boilers will be far more efficient saving money and emitting less CO2.

We are also progressing well with the installation of the new fire detection system at Jerome, but because new detectors will be needed in every flat this programme will continue for a number of months.

Social Programme

In recent weeks, we have had groups attending the Van Gogh Exhibition at Tate Britain and the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at the Design Museum. We are now starting to book the Autumn and Winter programme of events.

Garden Party and Barbecue

Our annual garden party took place on the evening of Friday 28 June, at Impala House. 150 guests attended, including residents and their families, Board and staff members, contractors and neighbours. The weather was fantastic, and the catering superb.  This was a very special event for us, marking Zebra’s is 60th Anniversary.  We were pleased to welcome a number of former Board members and Trustees to the event.

Babies, babies..

..There’s always someone having a baby. Three Board members have recently had babies and residents at Jerome, Impala and Sentosa have all had babies. Congratulations all!

House Meetings

Steve is holding a number of house meetings over the next few months to get feedback on all that we do and on ideas for Zebra’s future. He’s already met residents from Jerome. We had some really good feedback on the social programme. Residents weren’t keen on day trips in the UK. Rather, because they are in London, they prefer to make their own trips to European destinations. Residents felt we should focus on shows and exhibitions in London that they could get to in an afternoon or evening.

Steve is organising a house meeting in July for Anson/Carleton and for Impala House in September.