August 9, 2019


We have  tickets, priced at £9 only for the Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life exhibition at the Tate Modern. The Danish-Icelandic artist creates monumental installations, and they’re showing 40 works, made throughout his career in the Turbine Hall. Well worth a visit.

We are currently booking the Autumn/Winter theatre programme. More news shortly.

August 9, 2019

House meetings

As already reported Steve is holding a number of house meetings over the next few months to get feedback on all that we do and on ideas for Zebra’s future.

Steve is organising a house meeting in September for Anson/Carleton and also for Impala House in the same month.

August 9, 2019

Major Repairs

The replacement boiler scheme at Jerome House is progressing well and should complete, on schedule, in August/September. We had to relocate the new boilers (and the laundry) to allow more efficient and environmentally sound fluing. The new boilers will be far more efficient saving money and emitting less CO2. As we recharge the system, we plan to fit thermostatic radiator valves in each flat to give residents more control over their heating.

The installation of the new fire detection system at Jerome is also progressing well, but because new detectors will be needed in every flat this programme will continue until about February 2020.

We are also about the start work on some window and related repairs at the upper floors of two of our houses in Primrose Hill. This will require scaffolding from approximately 8 weeks. We will inform residents of the details of this by email.