Zebra News October 2019

Board News

The Board met for its a half-day strategy meeting in September when it considered Zebra’s plans for the next 10 years and how we might finance them. Because we were 60 years old this year, we thought it would be useful to reflect on our history, our current position and what we might want to look like in 10 years’ time. A number of strands emerged. The Board wants to look at accelerating our refurbishment and modernisation programme. We want to improve our IT. We need to review our long-term loans. We want to consider how we might grow. This is all work for the next 18 months and will require thoughtful budgeting of which we’ll keep you informed early in 2020.

Major Repairs

The replacement boiler scheme at Jerome House is has largely completed. We had to relocate the new boilers (and the laundry) to allow more efficient and environmentally sound fluing. The new boilers will be far more efficient saving money and emitting less CO2 and we have fitted thermostatic radiator valves in every flat to give residents more control over their heating. We’ll be redecorating the basement corridor area, which was much affected by the works, in October. Next year we’ll be redecorating the basement, ground and first floor front of the building.

The installation of the new fire detection system at Jerome is also progressing well, but because new detectors will be needed in every flat this programme will continue until about February 2020.

We have also started work on some window and related repairs at the upper floors of two of our houses at Impala as well as replacing some outdoor steps. 

House Meetings

We have now held house meeting at Jerome, Anson and Carleton, and Impala. The purpose of these meetings is to give residents the opportunity to meet and discuss issues that relate to individual schemes and to Zebra as a whole. We want to improve, and we want to build services that match residents’ needs. The main themes to arise so far from these meetings are the consistent importance of location and affordability of our residences, our social programme, recycling and the importance of consideration towards other residents in communal environments. Further meetings are planned for the spring.