Major repairs

The replacement boiler scheme at Jerome House has been completed but the snagging issues, with radiators not warming up largely caused by air trapped in the new system, have continued and we will need to carry out some minor alterations to the system. We’ll be redecorating the basement corridor area, which was much affected by the works, this month. Next year we’ll be repainting the external front of the building at ground and first floors levels.

The installation of the new fire detection system at Jerome is also progressing well, but because new detectors will be needed in every flat this programme will continue until about February 2020. We’ve replaced heat detectors with smoke detectors in kitchens because that’s what the regulations require but that is causing the alarm to be activated more regularly when there is excessive smoke from cooking. We are looking at ways to alleviate this.

We’ll start repairs to the flank wall at Carleton Road at the beginning of January 2020 and are liaising between contractors and residents to find the most convenient times. The wall was damaged by tree roots from a very large leylandii. This has now been removed and we’ll be looking to re-plant in the early spring.