Board News

The Board and it’s committees is responsible for the oversight of Zebra and setting out its strategic direction. The Audit and Risk Committee and Board will meet in late January and early February 2020 to approve the budget and major plans for 2020/21. The major highlights of this are

to refit 10 flats in the course of the year to include kitchens, bathrooms and furniture

to redecorate the front of Jerome House

to refurbish the staircase at 34 Impala

to improve our IT, to provide a portal to enable residents to pay rent, see your account, and book repairs and for Zebra to reduce its use of paper

to consider a sustainability strategy

to appoint a Treasurer (a formal Board position)


Major Repairs

The replacement boiler scheme at Jerome House has been completed and we believe all the snagging issues have been resolved. However if any resident still has a problem they should let us know. We’ve be redecorated the basement corridor area, which was much affected by the works and next year we’ll be repainting the external front of the building at ground and first floors levels.

The installation of the new fire detection system at Jerome has also now largely been completed. We’ve replaced heat detectors with smoke detectors in kitchens because that’s what the regulations require but that is causing the alarm to be activated more regularly when there is excessive smoke from cooking. We are still looking at ways to alleviate this but residents can help by opening windows if there’s a lot steam/smoke from cooking.

We’ve started the repairs to the flank wall at Carleton Road and they will be completed by the end of January. The wall was damaged by tree roots from a very large leylandii. This has now been removed and we’ll be doing some replanting in January/February.

We hope to start work on the stairwell at 34 Chalcot Crescent in March. This is a big job involving new lighting and fire detection, re-plastering, redecoration and recarpeting.

A blue plaque at Carleton Road

The blue plaque to commemorate the fact that 73 Carleton Road was the home of the famous late 19th century/early 20th music hall star, Marie Lloyd,  is due to be unveiled in mid-February. We’ll invite residents when we have further information.