ZEBRA NEWS January 2020

We’ve started the New Year with a spring in our step. We have an ambitious programme of work this year and we are looking forward to it.

Gordon Stevens and Peter Comyns

Over the Christmas holiday period we were informed of the deaths of two old Zebra hands – Gordon Stevens and Peter Comyns. Both Gordon and Peter were in their 90s and had been associated with Zebra, which is now 60 years old, in the early days.

Gordon was a Board member and the Zebra Chair for a number of years. He only retired from the Board about 6 years ago but prior to that he had had a very distinguished business career as the boss of Unilever. He was an unceasing supporter of Zebra, he always made time to talk to staff  and he brought humour, a steely compassion and wisdom to the Board.  He actually passed away in September but we were not informed until late December so we were not able to attend his memorial service. There were obituaries in the Times and Telegraph which attest to his qualities and describe a really stellar career. He is remembered with immense affection by staff and Board members who knew him

Peter Comyns was an early member of Zebra (supporting and actually managing the Marloes Road scheme), a Board member for a number of years and more recently was involved with the Zebra Trust, our sister organisation, which assists with education in Africa.