Zebra News February 2020


Obviously, we are concerned and the health and wellbeing of our residents, staff, and stakeholders is of paramount concern to us. However, we need to keep a sense of perspective and to respond in a proportionate and balance manner.

We have so far passed on UK Government advice to residents and will continue to take actions as recommended by the Government and Health Agencies.

Board News

The Board and its committees are responsible for the oversight of Zebra and setting out its strategic direction. The Board met on 6 February approving the annual budget, an annual plan and a number of other measures and policies The major highlights of this are

  • The approval of a rent policy – broadly to retain the current policy of maintain rents at approximately 80% of their local, low market equivalent
  • The approval of an anti- slavery policy
  • Various major works as reported in the last Zebra news including an ambitious programme of refurbishment
  • Improvements to our IT
  • The approval of the annual rent increase of 2.7%