Zebra News and Services

February 29, 2016


The Zebra Board met on 23 February 2016. It approved a budget which included a rent increase to residents from 1 April 2016 of 1.2%, and major expenditure on replacing roofs at Jeannine House, improving heating controls at Jerome and a programme of bathroom and kitchen upgrading. It also looked at recruiting new Board members and it agreed the agenda for a strategy day later this year where it will consider Zebra’s 5 year Business Plan.

February 24, 2016

Major Works


The new bike store at Jerome is now in use and we have improved security by upgrading all flat door locks and installing CCTV.


We will be installing CCTV at Anson and Carleton following a spate of bicycle thefts.


We should complete the refurbishment of the common hallways at Sentosa by late February 2016.

February 24, 2016

Contacting Zebra for Maintenance

Once again can we remind you that if you have a repair to report, please complete our resident repair form. In an emergency please contact the office immediately, preferably by emailing to housing@zebrahousing.com, or if the office is closed (evenings and weekends) you should contact your warden.

And please don’t contact our Maintenance Supervisor, Steve Brickwood who is unfortunately unwell and not at work at present.

February 24, 2016

Wireless broadband

We’re on track to have wireless broadband available to all our residents in all our buildings by April this year. Because this is a new service, existing tenants will have to pay an extra £18 per month for it except at Anson and Carleton where a charge is already added to their rent. Whilst £18 per month may seem a higher charge than some providers are making you won’t need a telephone line to receive it so in fact the package is very competitively priced.


Please let us know if you are interested in signing up for the new Broadband service by contacting housing@zebrahousing.com