Zebra News and Services

July 23, 2015

Wireless broadband for every resident

We’re now preparing to install wireless broadband in all our residences. It should be available (but only if you opt into the service) at a cost of £16.20 per month and you will not need a landline so that’s the total cost.  We are using the same supplier as we use at Anson/Carleton and we are hoping to start work on installation in October.

As we’ve already said it will be available at first only to those who actually want to opt into the service. However in the long term (as old residents leave and new residents arrive) we want to make it part of the overall parcel of services we provide.

We’ll keep you updated with the progress of this and let you know the precise process for opting into the service when we have further details.

July 20, 2015

Wireless broadband for every resident

We’ve now got some firm proposals from the company that provides it at Anson/Carleton which we are now considering. It’s a bit more expensive than we originally hoped for at £16.20 per unit per month (includes tax). What do you think? Let us know by contacting housing@zebrahousing.com

July 20, 2015

Anson/Carleton residents

We still hope to complete most of the work to the main Anson hallway by the end of July. Re-decoration should start in the next week. What’s still holding us up is the removal of some redundant gas piping which has to be carried out by a specialist contractor and will mean a delay in finishing things but we will complete most of the work.

We are on course to finish the work to Carleton Road by the middle of September.

July 5, 2015

Post barbecue thoughts from the Alison, Zebra Chair

Alison Ahearn is the Chair of Zebra. She also teaches undergrad and post grad students at Imperial College. She talked to a lot of residents at the barbecue. A couple of themes arose from her conversations.


Some tenants said they liked the party so much that they want social events in their own houses. What do you think? We could ask the wardens to organise something maybe in a local café?


She also ended up talking to a group of PhD students about how to handle tricky interviews. She deals with lots of such questions in her job and so wondered about whether she should run an event for tenants focusing on the most common PhD woes and what her usual advice is.  Again what do you think? Let us know.