Zebra News and Services

June 5, 2015


We need to remind residents in our buildings of how we expect them you to deal with your rubbish and recycling.

Many of our bin areas are in basement areas adjacent to flats. It is important that you all make the effort to keep these areas tidy. Rubbish should be placed in bins in bags, and the lids of the bins put back.

The only materials that should be placed in the recycling bins are paper, cardboard, aluminium and glass (which should be cleaned). If you have food recycling bins at your building, food waste must be in biodegradable bags, not in plastic bags or loose.

Thanks for your co-operation.

May 31, 2015


Where we have central boilers that provide heating to a number of flats we’ll be switching the heating off at the end of this week. The heating remains off until the autumn.

May 22, 2015


Would you pay an additional ££15 per month in your rent for 20Mbit fibre optic broadband if we were to provide it?

Let us know at housing@zebrahousing.com

We have surveyed our buildings, and we are now working on a programme to install the service, if there is sufficient interest.

May 22, 2015


With the exception of some changes to the roof all we’ve really got left to complete is the refurbishment, re-decoration and re-carpeting of the common hall. Completely normal life should return by the end of May.

The new building is looking spectacular, and the garden is maturing very quickly.


We continue to work on phase 2; the building of two 2 bedroom flats and the reconfiguration of the ground floor of the main building at Carleton Road. We are currently on schedule to complete in September 2015.