Zebra News and Services

January 7, 2015


We re-opened the office on Monday 5th January and services are up and running as normal now.

We had a few emergencies over the holiday – some heating breakdowns and a roofing problem. These have all now been resolved.


Rent payments by direct debit

We are now taking your monthly rent payment (which is actually due from 1st day of each month) on the 10th of each month from January 2015 – this is slightly earlier than we used to. We have given you a lot of notice of this change but if you have a problem with this please email John Austin at Johna@zebrahousing.com

December 2, 2014

Zebra Board and Development Committee


The Zebra Board and Development Committee meet next week. Zebra is overseen by a Board of management which meets five times a year to review Zebra’s performance and to set its strategic objectives. The Board has appointed a Development Committee to specifically oversee its development programme. The Board is made up of unpaid volunteers with an interest in what Zebra does and with skills which can be brought to bear on Zebra’s activities. It includes two former Zebra residents.



Whilst the Board and Committee will be reviewing the financial and operational performance of the organisation over the last few months and central to this is always the resident experience, they will also take decisions about the next phase of development at Carleton Road.

December 2, 2014

Progress with Anson Road Development

Good progress continues. In the main building a new tenant has already moved into the new studio and we’ve let the refurbished flat. We’ve made great progress, too, on the landscaping at the rear in difficult conditions and on the 8 new flats that we’ve built there. We are now beginning to fit out the ground floors - the upper floors being largely complete. We are hoping to have the building largely completed by Christmas.

The new laundry which has bigger machines should be ready by the New Year. Because this is essentially a commercial laundry there will be a charge for its use. The last phase of the Anson development will be the internal decoration of the hall and fitting of a new carpet – also likely to take place in the New Year.

We are now looking at beginning the second phase of the development over the road at Carleton Road in late January 2015. This involves the building of two new flats at the rear of our property and the reconversion of the two ground floor flats in the main house – one of which has been used as the laundry.

December 2, 2014

Christmas and New Year Office Closure

Our office will close on Wednesday 24 December 2014 at 12.00pm and re-open on Monday 5 January 2015 at 9.30am. Our emergency and out-of hours service will operate during this period. Your first point of call is your warden but if you are unable to contact them please call either the Operations Manager on 07785 938509 or the Maintenance Supervisor on 07960 520 542.


From all of us at Zebra we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.