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December 11, 2018

Major works to buildings

We plan to complete the two, small roofing/guttering jobs at Sentosa and Impala before Christmas and get the scaffolding down. At Carleton Road where we have a small roof to recover we plan to complete this in January. The more major works caused by the proximity of large tree, which have now been removed, will need to wait until the ground has recovered.At Jerome we’ve moved the laundry room in preparation for renewing the main boilers next summer.

November 16, 2018

Board News

At our recent Annual General Meeting Richard Kennedy was re-elected as the Chair of Zebra Housing and Emily Orme was re-elected as Vice-Chair. Emily was also elected as the Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee and Henrik Lonberg (a former Zebra resident) was elected as Chair of the Development Committee.

November 16, 2018

Major works to buildings

All of Zebra’s buildings are old - some older than others. And that is part of what we are. Residents get the opportunity to live in great areas in typical London houses from generally the nineteenth century. But that also means that there are always repairs to be carried out.

At Carleton Road we have a small roof to recover and ongoing repairs, yet to be scheduled, to repair damage caused by nearby trees. The trees have now been removed and we are waiting for the ground to settle down. The building is monitored regularly.

At Sentosa we are carrying out repairs to the roof at the rear where there is damage to the leadwork causing water to get into the building. We’ll also be reducing the size of the trees.

At Impala we are altering the guttering to the front buildings in Chalcot Square and replacing some windows.

At Jerome we’ve moved the laundry room in preparation for renewing the main boilers next year.


October 24, 2018

Friends of Zebra Newsletter Autumn 2018

Welcome to the sixth Friends of Zebra newsletter. Friends are people who have benefitted from the experience of living in London with us, former Board & staff members, and others who have an interest in what we do. The purpose of our newsletter is to keep you in touch with what we are up to, and to assure you that you still matter to us, even if you are not directly involved anymore. We hope you find it informative, and we would welcome your news & pictures, to be included in future publications, if you would like to send them to us.

Newsletter Autum 2018