Welcome to our residents blog. Here you can find out what social events we’re organising and what’s happening in your neighbourhood as well as Zebra news. Contact Zebra zebrablog@zebrahousing.com on any issues and to express your views on anything that we do. We want to find out how we can make Zebra better.

March 23, 2018


We have a limited number of great stalls seats for the hit musical ‘School of Rock’. At the New London Theatre on Monday 16th April. 7.30pm.

These tickets have a face value of £75, which we are making available to residents for £20 each.

If you would like to reserve tickets, please email stevem@zebrahousing.com.

Stating your name, address and number of tickets required.
I will then send you the bank payment details. We distribute tickets a few days in advance of the performance.

March 8, 2018

Where To Eat On The Cheap In London

London's got great value street food all over the place, with markets and food trucks blooming out of every spare patch of pavement. But for this piece we’ve narrowed it down to the best value places you can eat-in — the restaurants, cafes and bars waiting to feed you miraculous things for miniature prices.



February 16, 2018

Book now for Aladdin

We have a limited number of very good seats for the Disney production of the musical Aladdin.

Performance is on Tuesday 13 March 2018, 7:30 evening at the Prince Edward Theatre.

Face value of these excellent stalls seats is £70.

We are offering them for £20.

If you would like to reserve tickets, please email stevem@zebrahousing.com, stating the number of tickets you require, your name and full address.

I will then send you payment details. The tickets will be delivered to your address a day or two prior to the performance

February 7, 2018


We’ve already told you that we are now planning for the major initiatives we are going to undertake in the financial year April 2018 to March 2019 .

We want to do some external repairs and decorations to Jerome House which is beginning to look a bit jaded. And if the budget permits we also like to refurbish the common areas at 34 Chalcot Crescent. We will also continue with our programme of upgrading kitchens and bathrooms and improving fire detection and safety in our residences.

We are going to review our policies on data protection and lettings (how and to whom we let our accommodation) and look at our internal processes and IT so we can improve our services to you. And we want to continue to bear down on our costs whilst achieving efficiency savings.

We want to continue and expand our social programme.

And you can contribute to our plans by letting us know your ideas and how you think Zebra should develop in the forthcoming year.


In November our Board agreed a new “Zebra Resident Engagement Policy” and we are all keen for any thoughts, ideas, and inputs from Zebra residents. The new policy is on the blog now.

February 7, 2018


After 12 years Alex Adjei, Finance Officer, has left Zebra. We are all very sorry to see him go but all good things come to an end. We wish him every success in his future career. And welcome to Joshua Fagunwa, who joins us to replace Alex in the Finance team.

February 7, 2018

Fire drills

Zebra has always made the health and safety of our residents our top priority. The first thing our Board reviews at every meeting is a report detailing the actions we are taking to deliver the safest possible environments to residents. The terrible Grenfell Tower tragedy has refocussed everyone on the dangers of fire in residential buildings.

Over the last two weeks we’ve been holding fire drills, which we carry out every 6 months, at all of our residences. Our advice to residents, when the fire alarms have been activated, is that they must evacuate the buildings. Can we thank you all for your co-operation  in evacuating  the buildings when asked to do as part of these recent drills.

January 15, 2018


Roti King

When you arrive at 40 Doric Way all you’ll see is scaffolding and ‘Euston Chinese’. You might think you’re lost, but the dark, dingy basement restaurant below the neon ‘open’ sign is the right place. The king you seek is inside, and like Elvis he steals the show with his fresh roti canai.

A type of flaky flatbread found at Malaysian hawker stalls, it’s not on the main menu here. So, skip the Chinese dishes (although the handful of Malay ones aren’t bad), and ask for the ‘Roti King’ menu instead.

The plain rotis come with curries (chicken/lamb/fish/lentil, all costing £5.50). We liked the warm, tangy fish option; or the ‘murtabak’, which has a dry meat curry sandwiched into the dough (£5). The mildly spiced lamb version came cut into thick squares and with a bowl of thin veggie curry for dipping.   

Yep, for Roti this place is a revelation. You might have been lost, but now you are found. Uh-hu-huh.

January 15, 2018


Trafalgar Studios.  Tue 30 Jan 2018 7.30PM

We have a limited number of tickets for this acclaimed musical. The reviews have been fantastic.

Tickets are priced at £20.

 If you would like tickets, please email housing@zebrahousing.com, stating your name, address and the number of tickets you require.

November 29, 2017

We’ve blogged very little over the Summer and Autumn because we’ve been exceptionally busy but as winter draws on (and well done anyone understanding this music hall English joke) we intend to get back to regular postings.



Alex Stewart is now the permanent Head of Zebra Maintenance and residents are likely to run into him regularly. Bart left and has been replaced by Michael Christopher – on the maintenance team. All the maintenance team carry ID and they all now have Zebra logo’d workwear.

Steve and Lisa are now back at work after having periods of sick leave and Alex Adjei is away on paternity leave. Sass Ezekiel is our acting Finance Director. These staff issues and changes partly explain our “busy” summer.

We’ve had a new ‘phone system installed, and this is causing us problems because it “hangs up” on callers. This is annoying and frustrating, and we are trying very hard to get it fixed.

And we now have a new chair of Zebra, Richard Kennedy and a new vice-chair, Emily Orme.


Office closures

We’ll be closed all day on 7 December 2017 for staff meetings and training.

And the office will be closed for our Christmas holiday from Friday 22 December 2017 at 12.30pm until Monday 2 January 2018 at 9.30 am. Our normal “out of hours service” will be in operation over this time to deal with any emergencies.



The re-roofing works completed in October and were followed by external re-decoration. These works should complete by the end of November and the scaffold then removed. We’ve not painted all the ground and lower ground floors because we don’t want to do this over the winter. However the painters will return in April to re-decorate these areas and it won’t however be necessary to put up the scaffolding again. Before the decorators leave we’ve asked them to touch-up the paint work in the halls and staircases.



Demand for the guest room has diminished and as a result we are converting into a studio flat for permanent letting.



Our Board has just reviewed a new “Zebra Resident Engagement Policy” and we are all keen for any thoughts, ideas, and inputs from Zebra residents. The new policy is on the blog now.

If you have any comments let us know on blog@zebrahousing.com

November 29, 2017


Here is a review of STOMP – a show residents saw a couple of months ago.

“I really enjoyed Stomp because it was a mix of comedy and dance. Also it showed you that you can make music out of anything you want. It was so funny! I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the whole show. In fact I was laughing so much I was nearly out of breath. I recommend this show to everyone. If you get an opportunity to see it take it, you won’t regret it.”

Harley Age 13

And don’t forget our Christmas Show …


FRIDAY 22ND DECEMBER 7.30PM  -    Tickets: £20

Every year we book a special Christmas show for the Social Programme.

We have £50 tickets available for £20. These are limited, so we recommend that you book soon to avoid disappointment.