Zebra Housing Association will be recognised for the quality and value for money of its accommodation and services, contributing significantly to the development of the overseas student resident’s potential, in the context of a safe, secure, and supportive environment. As an exemplary provider we want to demonstrate the importance of the “not for profit” philosophy within the sector.

The fact that people of different nationalities, beliefs and races live together in our residences, sharing facilities and services, will promote tolerance and better international understanding. Our central London locations (zones 1 and 2) social programme will enhance resident’s stay in the UK leaving them with an appreciation of our society’s values and institutions encouraging further cultural and business/trade links.


Safety – maintain an attractive environment that allows tenants and their dependants to feel both physically and emotionally safe

Respect – foster a community, where integrity and respect for the individual and other cultures are valued

Education – develop a community supportive of higher learning, academic achievement and new ideas, promoting personal development

Community – promote individuality while encouraging positive attitudes to equality and cultural diversity, promoting a sense of connection with the UK and international collegiality

Service – provide excellent customer service tailored to the individual wherever possible

Value for money – ensure excellent value for money continually challenging how we deliver