Zebra Housing

Zebra News June /July 2021


Rents frozen at 2020 levels

Our Board agreed to freeze rents at 2020 levels. Generally, we increase rents in line with inflation every April but we’ve decided this year not to do so.

Staff and Zebra Office

All staff are now back and working normally. However, we don’t have any plans currently to re-open our office. We have found, like so many other organisations, that we can provide as a good a service without basing staff in an office and that all our residents are more than happy to contact us by email. We will review the issue of the office in September/October after consulting with all stakeholders.


We enhanced our local warden service last year, to provide a better local management, maintenance and support to residents and they are always there out of normal working hours – evenings and weekends. They can also help residents with advice and information during the pandemic.

That very local connection that wardens give us has been invaluable to Zebra over the last year.

My Home

You can now use our new web portal My Home (https://myhome.zebrahousing.com/) to engage with Zebra. This allows you to report & track repairs, amend your contact details, submit student letters and check your rent account. All residents should have received an email inviting them to register an account, but if you need assistance please contact David Morrow (davidm@zebrahousing.com).

Reporting maintenance

Please remember the new email address for all maintenance is repairs@zebrahousing.com


Whilst it does seem that things are easing in the UK we still need to maintain social distancing, wear masks where it is appropriate and follow the government guidelines on behaviour.

Zebra is an international organisation and residents come from across the world. Please therefore look at the government website https://www.gov.uk/uk-border-control before considering any international travel. 

Social Programme

We didn’t think it a good idea to hold our annual garden party this year – so it’s cancelled. We do however, hope to start organising some events for late summer and early autumn – so keep an eye out on the website for some events

Scheme Meetings

Steve has held meetings in gardens at Impala and Anson for residents in those schemes. So far the major feedback has been that residents are pleased to meet their neighbours. Obviously this is not possible in all our buildings because they don’t all have gardens but it’s something we will bear in mind as restrictions are eased.