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Student Accommodation in London

We are a long-established London housing association, offering accommodation and support services for international students who require postgraduate housing. Whether you are single, in a couple or have a family if you are in full-time post graduate education in a recognised London university we have the student accommodation and student flats for you. Our centrally located and reasonably priced rooms, studios and student flats are in attractive, safe and friendly environments. All our student accommodation is situated within Zones 1 & 2, most of it is in culturally renowned locations and all are close to wonderful London parks and squares.

Zebra is a “not for profit” association aiming to provide international students in London with affordable student accommodation and responsive support. We advocate tolerance, understanding and internationalism and believe that we can promote this through enabling people from anywhere in the world to study and live in our international student housing in great locations in London. London remains the best city in the world to be a university student, according to an international ranking of higher education centres that placed it ahead of rivals such as Tokyo, Boston and Berlin (The Guardian July 2021)

We specialise in providing postgraduate international student housing and this means that we understand the particular needs of older students, particularly internationals, the pressures they are under and the home environment they are looking for. We also know how difficult it is to find the right affordable student accommodation in London where there is a lot of student housing but much of it not necessarily suitable.

What We Offer & How We Are Different

We specialise in postgraduate housing for international students. Our student accommodation is in Zones 1 & 2 of London and all of it close to the tube and good transport links.

The neighbourhoods in which our student housing is situated are safe, secure, and family friendly with parks and green open space close by.

Our central London neighbourhoods are great for exploring the city and enjoying it as Londoners do. You will have remarkable opportunities to sample a brilliantly diverse cultural and culinary local environment. Even the local shops and markets will amaze you.

Because we are a not for profit values driven business not only do all our profits get re-invested in our homes but we provide more affordable student accommodation.

We have been providing post graduate student accommodation in London for more than 60 years. As well as individual students, we also house lots of couples and families and every year we have lots of babies born whilst their parents are living in our student accommodation and our student flats are ideal for young families.

Because you will be living in student housing that is occupied by other postgraduates you’ll find you are living with like-minded people from across the globe in a supportive and friendly environment. Our postgraduate housing allows you to stay on as long as you are in full time education. But our tenancies for student housing don’t tie you into long contracts. You can leave at any time – you just need to give us one month’s notice – but you can also stay in your student flat for as long as you are a full-time student.

Accommodation for International & UK Students

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A safe community and supportive atmosphere

The opportunity to live like a Londoner

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We re-invest all our profits in our buildings

Types Of Student Accomodation We Offer

Most of our student housing is self-contained student flats with its own kitchens and bathrooms and even individual rooms have their own cooking facilities.

Our student accommodation is in character, older houses, in historic neighbourhoods typical of the London one knows from films and books. Because our student accommodation is in older properties much of it has high ceilings and interesting spaces – but you’ll be pleased to know that heating – which can be a significant cost these days in student flats, is included in the rent.

We offer rooms large (double) and small (single), self-contained studios (with their own kitchens and bathrooms), one bedroomed flats (many of which are large enough for someone with a family) and two bedroomed flats. Some of our student accommodation has gardens which are shared with other residents.

All of our postgraduate student accommodation has a laundry in the scheme. Rents always include water, heating and broadband. Some rents also include hot water and electricity but we’ll be clear exactly what’s in the rent when we offer you accommodation. Our student accommodation and student flats are furnished but you’ll need to provide bedding, cooking and kitchen utensils.

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Zebra Housing

Why choose us?

Zebra has over fifty years of experience in providing housing for international students, and offers students value for money.

Wide Range
Wide Range Of Properties

We have five, centrally located London apartment blocks, all of which are within easy walking distance of public transport facilities and local amenities. The Association has 134 flats and provides accommodation to 250 people.

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We have tenancies starting, and ending, throughout the year. We allow students to stay in their accommodation until they have completed their studies and this can be between 1 and 5 years.

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