Zebra Housing

Your Warden


Every one of our schemes has a resident Warden and Deputy Warden.

Wardens are selected because they have experience in working with international students, and are, or have been, students themselves.

Primarily, the warden is there to deal with emergencies, particularly out of normal working hours. However, they can also help residents with advice and information during the pandemic and in extreme cases, when authorised by Zebra can help isolating and quarantining residents with basic supplies. In essence Wardens are responsible for maintaining a quiet and safe building for residents and their dependents.

If residents have an emergency, outside of normal working hours, they should contact their warden, who keeps a list of emergency telephone numbers and contacts. If a resident cannot locate their warden and it is an emergency requiring the police, ambulance, or fire service then they should ring 999 and give details of the situation. The warden does not deal with maintenance issues unless it is an emergency and it is out of working hours. Wardens have full-time responsibilities of their own and are not generally available at the residence during the day.