Zebra Housing Association

Your Warden


Every one of our schemes has a resident warden. The warden is an important point of contact with Zebra.

Each warden has experience in working with students, which will be especially useful to you if this is your first time in the UK. Our wardens are, or have been, students themselves so fully understand the pressures you are under.

Primarily, the warden is there to deal with emergencies, particularly when our office is closed. However they may also be able to help with local information and local amenities.

The warden is responsible for maintaining a quiet and safe building for residents and their dependents. Any rules applying to your building are imposed with this in mind. A tenancy may not be renewed if a tenant persistently ignores tenancy regulations and house rules.


In case of an emergency, outside of normal office hours, you should immediately inform your warden, who keeps a list of emergency telephone numbers and contacts. If you cannot locate your warden and it is an emergency requiring the police, ambulance or fire service then do not hesitate to ring 999 and give details of the situation.

The warden does not deal with maintenance issues, unless it is an emergency and the office is closed. Please refer to the next section on maintenance and repairs for more information.

Our wardens have full-time responsibilities of their own, and are not generally available at the residence during the day. When a warden is away on leave, arrangements for cover during their absence will be communicated to you.

Please bear in mind that wardens deal primarily with emergencies. Please contact our staff in the office for all other matters.


Details of who your warden is and how to contact them are contained in your ‘Orientation pack.’