Q. Who is eligible to apply?

An overseas national, registered on a full-time degree or postgraduate course at a London University. We do not offer housing to academic staff, post-doctoral students, interns, Erasmus or exchange students, or those studying on English language courses. We do not offer housing to part-time students or Open University students. Students studying for professional qualifications are considered for accommodation on an individual basis.

Q. How long will I be on the waiting list?

Current waiting time from date of application is 3 to 6 months, but it may be earlier.

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit at the start of my tenancy?

You will be charged one month’s rent in advance, in addition to the current month’s rent.The rent in advance is normally refunded two weeks after you leave, subject to your property being left in good condition.

Q. How much are the rents?

Please check our properties pages for exact prices for each property. All rents are inclusive of WiFi

Q. What documentation do I need to complete my application?

Initially, just the application and monitoring form. If you are offered accommodation, we will require the following:

• Proof of current full-time student status (including start and end dates of course)

• A reference letter from your previous landlord, divulging your record of payments and amounts

• A copy of your passport, including Visa details

• Proof of your income, in order to show that you have the funds necessary to pay your monthly rent

Q. What type of tenancy do you offer?

All tenancies are student tenancies – renewable six and twelve month tenancies.

Q. How much notice do I have to give to end my tenancy?

4 weeks in writing

Q. How long can I remain a ZHA tenant?

Usually for the duration of the full-time course, though we cannot guarantee this.

Q. Who can live with me?

A student tenant may live alone, with a partner, or with up to two children. We do not allow flat shares with friends, and do not house dependent siblings or parents.

Q. When is the rent due and how do I pay it?

You will be required to pay your rent monthly on the 1st day of each month by direct debit.

Q. Can I view a flat before applying?

No, we arrange for you to view a flat when we make you an official offer.

Q. What size accommodation can I apply for?

• Single applicants can apply for a single room, double room or studio flat.

• Single Couples can apply for a studio, or one-bedroom flat.

• A family with one child can apply for a one-bedroom or two bedroom flat.

• A family with two children can apply for a two-bedroom flat.

• All units have their own kitchen facilities

Q. Do I need to get insurance for my possessions?

Yes, you should get insurance for your possessions. Good cheap contents insurance is available through your student body at your university, so you should contact them. Zebra insures all the buildings and the furniture that we provide.

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