Zebra Housing

Living in your Home


Our flats are equipped with pre-payment key meters, except at Anson and Carleton. Tenants at Anson and Carleton pay for electricity via their rent, cannot change supplier, and do not need to do anything about their electricity supply when moving in.

If you move in to one of our other properties, you should register with your electricity provider as soon as possible – this is usually done by contacting them via phone, e-mail or chat. They will need to know your move-in date and your contact details. Registering takes a few days and once the process is completed, you will receive information from your supplier about any changes to your rates or services. Your supplier can also assist you with locating your nearest top-up shop. If you are not sure who your supplier is, please speak to your warden who may be able to assist.

Each meter has an emergency amount registered on it, so that you do not lose power if credit runs down out of local supplier business

Remember to top up your key meter when you go away as you need the electricity to keep your fridge / freezer working.


From 2020, gas charges are included within the rent charge for all new tenants. New tenants don’t need to register with a gas supplier when moving in, but we urge you to share with us any letters you may receive about the gas supply.


Our buildings have rubbish disposal and recycling areas. Please dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully. Wrap all perishable items and recycle where you can. There are local guidelines on when rubbish is collected, how to dispose of it, and what you can recycle at your scheme. If you find that the refuse and recycling area is full or unkempt, please let your warden know.


Larger items (computers, TVs, furniture etc) are not collected as part of the refuse service, so you should not leave them in the recycling area. Please refer to local guidelines for more information. You are responsible for disposing of these items at your local municipal refuse depot. If you dump belongings in the rubbish or recycling areas that do not belong there, you may be asked to pay for the cost of a removal service.


Where we provide bicycle areas, you can use these free of charge. Please don’t bring your bicycle into the building (except if necessary for bike store access) – they can damage decorations and floor coverings, and bikes left in communal areas pose a serious trip hazard during a fire evacuation. Please don’t chain bikes to any exterior railings or fences as they can cause damage. We will remove offending bicycles and dispose of them without warning.


All our buildings have laundry rooms, and we encourage you to use them. The laundry charges are cheaper than those at external commercial laundries.

Faulty washers and driers should be reported to Circuit Laundries, our provider. The emergency callout number for your building, and the location code, are on the Circuit posters in your laundry.

Consideration should be given to other residents and try not to use the laundry between 10.30pm and 7.30am.


Dishwashers and washing machine are not allowed to be installed in Zebra’s properties.

Communal laundries are provided at all of our residences.



You need to provide your own iron and ironing board. Communal vacuum cleaners are available for residents to use. Please return them to the designated storage areas as soon as you are finished.


Mice, rats and other vermin are an inevitable part of living in buildings that are more than 100 years old. We employ contractors to deal with them, but you can do a lot to help. Please put food away in the fridge or cupboard and clear up after you have eaten. Dispose of all perishable items carefully by bagging them securely. Don’t store sacks, boxes or bags of food on the floor or on a work surface.


Unfortunately, we cannot allow tenants to keep pets in our buildings.


Please do not smoke in your flat or in any of the communal areas. Please avoid smoking outside the buildings within close proximity to other tenants’ windows.


Local laws do not allow the installation of satellite dishes on our buildings. We provide a communal TV aerial which will give you access to digital TV and you can also arrange cable TV. The installation of individual satellite dishes is not permitted.


If you have a TV, you will be required to buy a TV licence. You can purchase this online http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/

Failure to buy a licence will make you liable for a fine. Even if you don’t have TV, you may receive letters from TV licencing about this. Please don’t ignore the letters – they tell you what you need to do to avoid being wrongfully charged.


Every resident has access to WiFi. The service is included in the rent for all new tenants.


You should get insurance for your possessions. Contents insurance may be available through your student body at your university.


You are living in old buildings with wooden floors and walls that have limited insulation. Please try to keep noise to a reasonable level. Please don’t obstruct the communal halls, stairways, bathrooms or laundry rooms with personal items. Please don’t put rubbish outside your door – only put it in the recycling and refuse areas.

Please be careful when you cook. Burnt food could be detected by smoke detectors and cause the fire alarms to ring.


As a full time student, you should not have to pay the local tax – council tax. However, if you are living with a spouse or partner who is not a full time student, they may well have to pay an element of this tax. We will try to advise you about this. If you receive a bill you should contact us.


The common room at Jerome House is currently closed. Some of our buildings have shared gardens. If you use the garden, please respect the privacy of others and all restrictions that apply during the Coronavirus pandemic.


We clean all communal areas, hallways, laundries, common rooms, and shared bathrooms at least twice a week. Please let us know if you have experienced an issue with the cleaning service.

Where there are gardens, we carry out light maintenance work throughout the year, but particularly during the growing season.



We issue student tenancies which last a year. On expiry of the tenancy (after a year), providing you are still a full-time student, we usually offer you a new tenancy, but it is conditional on you having honoured the terms and conditions of your previous tenancy, including being up to date on your rent account. You will need to provide a letter from your university attesting to the fact that you are still a full-time student. When you stop being a full-time student, we will require you to leave the accommodation.


You are required to give us at least four week’s written notice when you are leaving. Even if you are unable to give a full four week’s notice you will still be charged rent for the notice period.


Subject to any rental or maintenance issues, your rent in advance will be returned to you when we have received your keys and inspected your flat to ensure that it is clean and tidy and has been cleared of all items other than our own fixtures and fittings.

A pre-inspection visit will be made of your flat, prior to your departure, to ascertain the condition of the flat and furniture.

Please note that we expect tenants to carry out the following prior to their departure:

1.All personal items should be removed from the flat, including all rubbish.

2.Any posters or decorations to be removed from the walls.

3.Furniture belonging to ZHA should remain.

4.Any personal items of furniture should be removed.

5.All food should be removed from the fridge and cupboards.

6.The kitchen including the fridge, cupboards, the cooker, and all work surfaces should all be cleaned.

7.The flat should be thoroughly cleaned. You may carry out this clean yourself or hire a company to carry out an end of tenancy clean for you. If you wish for our cleaning contractor to carry out the end of tenancy clean for you, please let us know so we can put you in touch. You will have to pay for the end of tenancy clean yourself.

8.Please agree with your warden a time of day to return your keys to them on the day of your departure.