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You register through our website if you are looking for a flat now or at a future date. Also if you need a student flat right away we advertise flats as they become vacant on the website so you can enquire about an individual flat by emailing us on housing@zebrahousing.com

Because many of our residents are studying for a PhD their course of study can complete at any time during the year. Student flats, studios and rooms therefore become vacant and available throughout the year. You therefore need to look at the website to see what might be available. However most vacancies occur during the summer.

There is also a tab on our website “How to Apply” which you should follow.

That is very difficult to say because flats become available throughout the year and it is difficult to predict exactly when this will happen. Our application form asks you to indicate which of our buildings you would like to live in. The greater the number you say you are happy to live in and the greater the flexibility you show,  the more chance you will have of being of being offered something.

We specialise in postgraduate housing primarily for international students but we now also house UK students too. So you need to be a post graduate student in full-time education at a London university in order to apply

Our student accommodation is in Zones 1 & 2 of London. Jerome House is located  in South Kensington. Jeannine House is located the Marylebone and Baker Street area. Impala House is located in the Primrose Hill/Camden area. Sentosa House is located in the Angel Islington and Anson & Carleton are situated in the Tufnell Park/ Islington area. All of it is close to the tube and good transport links. Some is extremely close to certain universities and so an easy walk. Where we are able we try to provide somewhere to keep a bike securely.

We are very fortunate (as are our residents) because our student flats are situated in safe, secure, and family friendly locations with parks and green open space close by. Most of our buildings were bequeathed to us by the original founders and benefactors of Zebra and they are in some of the most expensive and chic areas of London. You’ll be surprised by who some of your neighbours are.

And because the locations are pretty central they are great for exploring the city and enjoying it as Londoners do. There are almost unequalled opportunities to sample a brilliantly diverse cultural and culinary local environment. Even the local shops and markets will amaze you. There are very nice farmers markets close by Jerome House, South Kensington and Anson/Carleton, Tufnell Park, Islington. There’s also an old-fashioned street market at Sentosa, Angel, Islington. But there are also “normal” supermarkets for everyday shopping close to all our locations.

Most of it is within buildings that are between 100 and 200 years old. So it’s stylish and sometimes quirky because it’s been converted into student flats over the last 60 years. There are often high ceilings and large window. You’ll be pleased to know that the heating cost is included in your rent. But we’ve also got some student flats which we’ve built over the last 10 years and these are modern light and airy – and again stylish – they were nominated for an architectural award.

Every building has its own laundry and the charge is quite a lot less than commercial laundries.

We have been working with international post graduate students and their families for over 60 years so our staff understand the pressures and challenges of studying in a foreign city. You will also be living in a community with like-minded people experiencing the same challenges. Every one of our buildings has a resident warden and deputy warden. They are students too so they will understand the issues and challenges you face. They will help you settle in. They are on hand (or our staff are) for you arrival, they will help you settle in, they will tell you about the neighbourhood, shops and services. They are also there in the evenings and weekends when Zebra is closed to deal with those minor emergencies that just crop up.

Additionally we also provide a social programme of largely cultural events in London. This can be shows, musicals, theatre, visits to galleries, guided walks and each year a garden party and barbecue where you can meet other residents, staff, contractors and our Board in a social setting.

Day-to-day management and maintenance is carried out by paid staff under a Chief Executive. We have 12 staff (many of whom work part-time) including 5 people who do our maintenance. We also employ various contractors for more specialist maintenance and a contractor provides our cleaning service. We are overseen by a Board of management who determine our strategic priorities and direction. They are unpaid and serve for a number of years on the Board. Some are ex-residents, and we also have academics, a representative from the University of London, architects barristers, business people, finance specialists etc.

We are a not for profit Housing Association with an independent Regulator, the Regulator of Social Housing (although we do not have any social housing) and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

All our rents include water, heating and broadband. Some also include electricity – we’ll let you know where this applies.

Unlike most student housing providers we allow you to stay for as long as you are in full time education – this can be for a few years. We also allow you to give one month’s notice at any time if you want to leave.

Three of our five building have small private, shared (with other residents)  gardens. But every building is close to a park. Jerome House is close to a whole series of interconnected parks which run from Kensington Gardens to Hyde Park. Jeannine House is close to Regents Park, which is home to an open air theatre and the London Zoo as is Impala House. It’s said that you can hear the trumpeting of elephants from Impala House. Impala is very near to Primrose Hill with amazing views over London. There is very nice children’s play park adjacent to Anson and Carleton House.

A contractor cleans all communal areas, staircases, hallways lobbies and shared bathrooms and WCs. Whilst we clean your flat before you move in you are responsible for cleaning it whilst you live there. Vacuum cleaners are available to borrow in every building.


We offer rooms for single people (single rooms)  and couples (double rooms). They vary greatly is size and that’s why some are really only suitable for single people. But every room has it’s own kitchen area featuring hob/oven, microwave, fridge, sink, food preparation area and storage. We provide basic furniture including bed, table, chairs, wardrobe and chest, desking and shelving but residents need to provide bedding and cooking/eating utensils.

A large number of rooms only share with one other room but in some of our buildings you have to share with 2-3 others.

Every building has its own laundry.


We offer studios for singles and couples. Most studios are suitable for up to two people. They are all self-contained with their own bathroom and kitchens which feature hob/oven, microwave, fridge, sink, food preparation area and storage. We provide basic furniture including bed, table, chairs, wardrobe and chest, desking and shelving but residents need to provide bedding and cooking/eating utensils.

Every building has its own laundry.

Student flats

The majority of our accommodation is self-contained student flats. These are mostly one bedroom flats but we also have a small number of two bedroom flats. Most of our one bedroom flats are suitable for a single person or couple with a baby or small child. Every year children are born to our residents. It’s one of the rather lovely features of the Zebra community.

Every flat has its own bathroom and kitchen which feature hob/oven, microwave, fridge/freezer, sink, food preparation area and storage. We provide basic furniture including bed, table, chairs, wardrobe and chest, desking and shelving but residents need to provide bedding and cooking/eating utensils.

Every building has its own laundry.