Zebra Housing

What Residents Say

We moved to Zebra not long after we got married and in the three years living in London we made the transition from a young couple to new parents.  Zebra staff was always supportive and helped us throughout this journey.  After our son’s birth we joined Zebras unofficial parents’ community, met great new people, our baby boy had friends to play with and learned all about the parks, playgrounds and children’s activities from the more experienced parents.

Living at Zebra Housing has been an amazing experience.

– Ruty, Nimrod & Yonatan, Sentosa House, LSE,PhD, Government

We have been living in Anson Road flats since Zebra Housing has acquired them, and have been very happy with the experience. We particularly enjoy the spaciousness of our flat, which has allowed us to accommodate our two children, Axel (5 years old) and the recently born Heidi. There is a great atmosphere in the residence, we know all our neighbors and regularly engage in various activities with them, from drinks at the local pub, to barbecues in the garden, to tennis with those who enjoy it.

– Gauthier, Clare, Axel & Heidi, Anson Road,LSE PhD in Development Studies

We got to know Zebra Housing through my PhD Supervisor, who is a former tenant. Living in Primrose Hill is like a dream coming true, only made possible by ZHA. The area is really nice, certainly one of the best in London, and just a short commute to the university. Our flat feels cosy and homely and the staff is friendly and helpful.

– Marcus, Priscila & Aurora, Jeannine House, Birkbeck College, PhD Law

Finding an accommodation for a student with family is really challenging especially in London.

Not only because the rental prices that go up every year, but also because the credibility level of a student with family to rent a property in London seems to be very low.

But gratefully, Zebra Housing Association provides my family a very generous opportunity to stay in a very attractive and convenient place in central London!

What we love the most about the ZHA is that we feel secured living in this area and thus, it helps my family to settle steadily.

– Emma, Terang and Eirene, Jerome house Imperial college, Phd, Civil Engineering

We are very fortunate to live in some of the best student housing in London. It is within walking distance to Imperial College and other amenities. We feel that the rent is affordable, with its superb location and comfortable house.. We have been staying here for two years and are very satisfied with the housing management and the way they handle any issues.

– Uswah, Zayd and Ikram, Jerome, Imperial College, PhD, Mechanical Engineering

I chose ZHA because it is just steps away from my campus in South Kensington, only 10 minutes walking. The environment around the Jerome House is also rich of culture and very lively; surrounded by shops and tourist attractions.  Apart from the location, we chose ZHA because finding an accommodation in London especially for student with family is extremely difficult.

I enjoy living here because of the good services from the ZHA team,  friendly neighbors, easy transport links, and convenience room facilities.

– Vanya, Imperial College, Phd, Computing

Moving to Zebra was my destiny. I was living for an year very far from uni and thinking about moving. Suddenly, out of the blue, I received an email from Zebra saying there was a studio available at Jerome House (which saved me the stress of looking for a new place).

As soon as I visited it, I realized it was perfect for me. More importantly, I saw some of my future neighbours and noticed that the building had this “family-friendly” environment which I liked, specially because I’d be living alone.

– Nicolau, Jerome, Imperial, Phd, Mathematics

Living in Zebra Housing has been both a delight and an adventure. We are happy to be enjoining an affordable and student-family friendly accommodation, without the “university hall” looks and style, and to have had our baby in our flat – that’s the adventurous part! Our daughter was born in our apartment, and because of that, we now feel even more connected than ever to Jeannine House, our neighbors and the Zebra staff, who have ever been so helpful.

– Marcus & Eliana, Impala House, Birkbeck, Phd, Geograhic information Science.

I had a baby in September 2015, and was so happy to bring her home to my Zebra Housing flat. Having a welcoming, comfortable and affordable home in London is a luxury for anyone, but as a new parent of an infant, it has been especially wonderful.  I’m so grateful to Zebra for making my London student adventure (and my parenting adventure!) that much more brilliant. Cheers,

– Else and Anna Impala House, LSE, Phd, Social Policy

I got to know about Zebra Housing Association from another PhD student at my Uni. He was living in a double bedroom in a Zebra house. I applied, and even though it was a long waiting list, I eventually got a place in Sentosa house. Later I got married, and so I applied for a one bedroom flat. We were really lucky and got a brand new flat in Anson Road. It is a place that we love and we are very happy there.

– Abigail, Anson Road, City University, Phd, Computer Science